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A Call for Cooperation for the PEOPLE project has been open to address other Smart City initiatives that would like to collaborate, cooperate and test novel solutions for Smart Cities ecosystems in the infrastructure developed at the four PEOPLE Pilots. The involved projects will benefit from accessing the infrastructures deployed, the Open Innovation communities created and the Open Source solutions built for the four pilots. For PEOPLE project description, methodologies used and the descriptions of the services developed at the Pilots, a relevant file is provided. For more information visit us at:



www-w PEOPLE Consortium will not finance other projects at any moment. Pilots and related infrastructures, methodologies, procedures, services and open innovation communities created are offered.

www-w The projects would need to follow PEOPLE methodology to run their testing and validations

www-w The projects would need to follow the open approach already established.

www-wRunning a pilot over PEOPLE will not mean transference of IPR of any kind, nor from the project to PEOPLE partners or vice versa.



www-wThe call will be coordinated by the PEOPLE Project Coordinator, ANOVA IT CONSULTING, being supported by the rest of the partners

www-wYou will be able to send proposals and initiatives, in order to make the cooperation possible within the PEOPLE project duration, until the 15th of July 2012, taking into account that PEOPLE project ends by 31st October 2012

www-wInterested projects should fill in and send the relevant application form to Mrs. Maria Eugenia Ortiz Moltaban, Project Manager of PEOPLE Project at the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,which is also the contact person for additional information.

Relevant files:


www-wAfter having received the proposals for cooperation from other projects, the PEOPLE Consortium will evaluate them in order to make a selection of the feasible projects to run on the appropriate PEOPLE Pilot. The selection will be done by consensus among all the PEOPLE partners

www-wSelected proposers will be contacted in order to define in detail the activities to perform.

www-wBefore starting any activity, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by the Project Coordinators in order to formalize the collaboration

www-wPublication of the selected proposals will be done via the PEOPLE website and all the dissemination channels of regular use by the project.



During the project, an overall methodology to create and manage the PEOPLE Smart Urban Ecosystems in a practical way, based on user-driven Open Innovation approaches and in accordance to the project aim and objectives, will be designed, implemented, tested and validated. The validated methodology will result in different items that can be exploited, such as methods, mechanisms, user manuals and reference documents. The following will give some of the main results that are expected at this stage from the work on the PEOPLE methodology.

www-wPEOPLE manual for user driven open innovation in Smart Cities - The PEOPLE manual will consist of methods and mechanisms to develop specific tasks related to the implementation of ICT services in Smart Cities using a user-driven approach. The manual contains guidelines on the organization and definition of innovation loops, providing for a structured manner to organize activities. It contains guidelines on stakeholder engagement, on co-design strategies with users and on the obtainment of feedback in order to define user requirements and validations.

www-wThe PEOPLE Wiki – The PEOPLE wiki will compile all the reference material related to the PEOPLE methodology, giving a complete overview of the knowledge generated during the project. It is the main tool of the methodological support for the pilots. It is expected that the PEOPLE wiki will be an important basis for sustainability of the project, as it can be used as a best practice tool for new project active in the management of Open Innovation in Smart Cities.

www-wPEOPLE Scoreboard - The PEOPLE scoreboard will be used as an implementation tool for future innovation projects that define new ICT services in the PEOPLE pilots after the PEOPLE project end, providing an important sustainability tool to the pilots and the project results. The PEOPLE scoreboard will serve as a benchmarking tool between Smart Cities across boundaries, making it possible to define advancements of the Smart Cities concept in Europe. Through the PEOPLE scoreboard indicators it will be possible to define the impact of user driven methodologies and the participation of end-users and stakeholders in the evolvement of the Smart Cities, giving precedence to future projects and initiatives.

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On January 18, 2013, Anova IT Consulting, S.L hosted the final conference of PEOPLE project. The event took place in Salon de Actos from the Rectorado of the University of Alcala. Read more...

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The call is open to other Smart City initiatives that wish to collaborate on novel solutions for Smart Cities ecosystems.

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