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About the project

PEOPLE aims at speeding up the uptake of smart cities through the rapid implementation, deployment and uptake of innovative internet-based services in order to allow facing the main challenges of developed cities at present and towards their future quality of life. This will be enabled by designing and implementing user-driven open innovation methodologies and processes.

For these purposes, four pilot Smart Open Innovation Urban Ecosystems were created to become seeds towards sustainable smart cities based on ICT services for the people to live better at. They are called PEOPLE Pilots, and they will be deeply networked in order to enhance the total impact by creating synergies and increasing knowledge generation and uptake.

Four pilots created, at four different European cities:

  • Bilbao, in Spain,
  • Bremen, in Germany,
  • Thermi, in Greece, belonging to the Thessaloniki agglomeration,
  • Vitry sur Seine, in France, belonging to the Île de France area, close to Paris.

They have been selected due to their backgrounds in relation to smart cities based on innovation in ICT as well as their strategic interest in the project. Some initiatives are already being launched in each city in relation to the objectives of the project, and PEOPLE fits entirely within their local agendas towards the evolution of each city.


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On January 18, 2013, Anova IT Consulting, S.L hosted the final conference of PEOPLE project. The event took place in Salon de Actos from the Rectorado of the University of Alcala. Read more...

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The call is open to other Smart City initiatives that wish to collaborate on novel solutions for Smart Cities ecosystems.

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"This project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP)
as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community"