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PEOPLE project presented in the Republic of Panama (Posted on: 29/06/2012)

Anova IT Consulting presented in the Republic of Panamá the PEOPLE project on smart cities.

People project has been presented to different organizations involved in citizens’ innovative aspects, including the “Autoridad Nacional para la Innovación Gubernamental” (National Authority for the Government Innovation). During the different sessions organized, it has been demonstrated how citizens can benefit of ICT services developed under PEOPLE project following the “open innovation approach”.

The Government of Panama through the National Autority for the Government Innovation (Autoridad Nacional para la Innovación Gubernamental), is the entity responsible for the modernization of the State, through the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). Its mission is to modernize the public management of Panama to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Through the several sessions held at the end of March, the results of the project have been considered, by the different organizations, as really interesting and with a high potential for its integration with current infrastructure, confirming that the PEOPLE activities are providing practical solutions to citizen’s life.


Bremen Pilot - Newsfeed Grillevent (Posted on: 24/04/2012)

The first promotion at the Bremen University-Boulevard was a great success. In consequence of the great interest from the students and their participation of the questionnaire, the project team could get valuable feedback about the LBS-App. In the future the students of the project team will discuss implementation of the ideas, in order to use the full potential of the LBS-App.

PEOPLE_Project-Bremen_Pilot-Grillevent  PEOPLE_Project-Bremen_Pilot-Grillevent_2


End of the first innovation cycle (Posted on: 24/04/2012)

The end of April was an important time for the Bremen pilot since the first services were officially published and tested. Most noticeable is the so called LBS (Location Based Service) application for Android. It is an information service for the campus of the University of Bremen based on Google Maps. Information about local facilities and other points of interest can be accessed through mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablet PCs. For students, especially the daily cantina menus and bus/tram departures are interesting. Currently more than 200 downloads are registered for the app. There is also a poster that is distributed on campus containing a QR tag for fast installation of the Service

The application can be downloaded here: goo.gl/fgPJD



3D Walking Tour (Posted on: 24/04/2012)

The "3D Walking Tour" service is increasing tourist activity in the city of Bilbao and its use of architectural resources can offer its urbanism. A video-reportaje has been created in 3D showing the architectural wealth of the area of Abandoibarra (Bilbao), where buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Tower of Iberdrola, the bridge of La Salve, the Museum of fine arts, etc are presented.

The 3D feature is based on a guided route and walk which can be done from the Office of tourism of Bilbao, located in "El Ensanche". The recording can be downloaded for viewing on 3D screens, conventional screens and Smartphones compatible with 3D video format.

Give your opinion on our website: http://3dwalkingtour.people-project.eu/

Bilbao_Pilot-3D_Walking_tour-Presentation_1 Bilbao_Pilot-3D_Walking_tour-Presentation_2

Bilbao_Pilot-3D_Walking_tour-Presentation_3 Bilbao_Pilot-3D_Walking_tour-Presentation_4



Youtube Channel (Posted on: 17/04/2012)

The local open innovation community at the University of Bremen, called „eStudent“, created a Youtube channel where demo material and work-in-progress content will be uploaded in the next months. Some first example videos are already available. Additional demo material can be seen at service pages of the project wiki.


The pilot launch of “IMPOVE MY CITY” Application is in the air! (Posted on: 17/04/2012)

The “IMPROVE MY CITY” application, former “Citizens Requests” is available in Greek to the interested public, through the website of Thermi’s Municipality at http://smartcity.thermi.gov.gr/improve/el/.

The application allows those who live, work or visit Thermi’s Municipality to report through the web, local issues, such as discarded trash, burned lighting, broken tiles on sidewalks, illegal advertising boards, etc. Users can also make suggestions for improving the environment of their neighborhood.

The users have the ability to specifically identify the position of the problem over the map, while in addition they will be able to upload relevant photos of the problem.

The application’s code is available for free as open source software. You can download the code or contribute in its improvement, by participating in the developers’ community under Github website (https://github.com/icos-urenio/Improve-my-city).

The success of this application relays in a great extend on the comments and the proposals received by the citizens. You can contribute in the application’s improvement through your participation at the users’ community (http://smartcityapps.uservoice.com/).


The first services have been released (Posted on: 17/04/2012)

In order to improve the citizens’ quality of life and help everyone in his/her daily life, the French pilot has chosen to focus on the three following aspects: Citizen’s mobility, Citizen’s security and Social Networks.

The first services about local information and private information (social network) have been released on the GitHub website (github.com).

Their source codes are available for anyone to modifications and improvements! Join us and get involved in the project!


HOYRESPIRO (Posted on: 17/04/2012)

"HOYRESPIRO" service developed in the pilot of Bilbao, provides geo-referenced information to citizens about the air quality in and around the city, the pollen levels, the weather forecast and the weather information (updated every 10 minutes). The service uses the existing network for the environmental control of the city and the indicators developed with the data recollected. The network consists of weather stations connected that measure atmospheric variables related to pollution and levels of pollen in the air. This service is released under Affero GNU Public License version 3, is completely open to improvements, showing its code on: http://sourceforge.net/p/peoplecities/hoyrespiro/code/2/tree/.

We are looking for new inspiring ways for further improving our Smart Cities services. Join us in the People Smart Cities developers’ community on: http://devel.people-project.eu/.


Demonstrations and experimentations (Posted on: 16/04/2012)

The first demonstrator including the two released services was deployed at the UPEC university for one week. From Monday 26th of March 2012, students were invited to discover the pilot online. On Tuesday, 27th of March 2012, experimentations were performed and everyone was welcome to test the services and provide us feedbacks through a survey.

PEOPLE_project_-_Vitry_1 PEOPLE_project_-_Vitry_2

Experimentations with IUT

PEOPLE_project_-_Vitry_5 PEOPLE_project_-_Vitry_4

Student demonstration


LISSI Lab demonstration


HOYRESPIRO IS NOW A REALITY! (Posted on: 19/03/2012) 

Anova IT Consulting launched HOYRESPIRO, one of the Smart City services developed for the city of Bilbao. 

HOYRESPIRO allows receiving information about the city air quality (extracted from the environmental control networks already existing in Bilbao), providing a rapid and effective technological answer to the exigencies of people with special sensitivity to environmental allergens. 

An informative and interactive totem that provides free and easy access to the service deployed has been installed in the “Alhondiga Muncipal” of Bilbao. The access to the service will be also freely allowed via hoyrespiro.people-project.eu.


New Facebook site and new Twitter Account for Bremen Pilot! (Posted on: 12/03/2012) 

One year after the Bremen pilot was first launched, we finally managed to create a small but active community around our service development. The community is called “eStudent” and provides status updates on their new Facebook  and Twitter sites. Regular updates also include pictures of ongoing work and comments from the different groups within the eStudent community. 

Currently also a campus event is prepared to present services and attract interested people. It should also be mentioned that contact with the Studentenwerk – the local provider of many campus-life related services in Bremen such as cantina or dormitories – was made. Further opportunities for service creation or implementation of existing services are currently under investigation.



On Monday, March 12, 2012 a meeting is scheduled with the members of Thermi’s Union of Merchants and Professionals at Thermi’s Cultural Center. The purpose of the meeting is to inform the members on the applications developed within the framework of the project in the area of Thermi. In particular, the virtual marketplace application, as well as its individual functions planned will be presented, followed by a discussion among the members of the union and the development team of the application. This discussion will be based on the exchange of views on the functionality of the application and its individual characteristics, and on the ways of active participation of the local merchants and professionals, through the systematic distribution of content from their side.

This event takes place following the initial meeting with the members of the Board of the Union of Merchants and Professionals of Thermi that was organised on Monday, February 13, 2012, where PEOPLE program and Thermi’s applications, to be developed under this program, were presented. During that meeting, an extensive discussion on Thermi’s virtual marketplace was implemented and there was a decision reached in order to support and actively participate in the implementation of the project, on behalf of members of the Union, for the successful completion of project work.


THERMI’s PILOT: NEW POLL LAUNCHED!! (Posted on: 19/02/2012) 

A new poll has been launched from Thermi Pilot on the evaluation of the pilot applications and services that will be developed soon. The digital applications will be offered in the broader area of Thermi’s Municipality, having as a goal to reinforce Thermi’s  commercial centre, increase the number of visitors in the area and to improve the access in the area, creating an intelligent district of “commerce – leisure” in eastern Thessaloniki.

The new poll launched in Greek language, is accessible through the following link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/peopleproject. Interested public is also welcome to view the demos of the applications through the following link: http://www.people-project.eu/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=118&Itemid=18.


PEOPLE Internal Benchmarking Workshop will take place on 21st of October 2011 in Madrid, Spain (Posted on: 10/10/2010)  

The 1st PEOPLE Internal Benchmarking Workshop will take place on 21st of October 2011 in Madrid, Spain. The workshop will gather the projects participants and experts from Spain (with academic and industry background). The aim of this workshop is todiscuss the results that so far have been achieved by the pilot cities regarding their upcoming services and the user-driven innovation technologies that will be applied in the implementation of the pilot services.


The 3rd PEOPLE internal consortium meeting; October 20, 2011, Madrid, Spain (Posted on: 10/10/2011)  

On the 20th of October 2011, the third PEOPLE internal meeting will take place in Madrid, Spain. Progress, results and future actions will be discussed.


Thermi Pilot: 3rd Stakeholders Meeting, Thermi, October 7, 2011 (Posted on: 25/09/2011)   

The 3rd stakeholders meeting for Thermi’s pilot, under PEOPLE project will be organised in October 7, 2011 at the Cultural Centre of Thermi’s Municipality. The issues to be discussed concern the presentation of the final applications to be developed under the project, their special characteristics and technical details for their implementation, the stakeholders activation for the data collection and their involvement for the promotion and dissemination of the applications to be offered to the broader public and citizens of the municipality.


The 2nd PEOPLE internal consortium meeting; September 7, 2011, Athens, Greece (Posted on: 10/09/2011)  

On the 7th of September 2011, the second PEOPLE internal meeting took place in Athens, Greece. The participants presented their progress on the development of their pilots services and discussed the future activities for the following months. Also, technical and operational aspects of the project were discussed.


The 1st PEOPLE internal consortium meeting; 23-25 February 2011, Madrid, Spain (Posted on: 30/002/2011)  

On 23-25 February 2011, the first PEOPLE internal meeting took place in Madrid, Spain. Its main objective was to present each pilot city’s statistical data, stakeholder and pilot services that are going to be developed. This first internal meeting gave the opportunity to the consortium to exchange views and information, and to disseminate project results and experiences between the pilot cities.


PEOPLE Smart Urban Ecosystems leveraging Open Innovation for promoting and enabling Future E-services; Kick-off meeting; November 17, 2010 (Posted on: 25/11/2010) 

The official beginning of the PEOPLE project was initiated with the kick-off meeting in Helsinki on the 17th of November 2010. The PEOPLE consortium gathered in order to present the basic elements of the project and each pilot city’s work package planning activities. 

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On January 18, 2013, Anova IT Consulting, S.L hosted the final conference of PEOPLE project. The event took place in Salon de Actos from the Rectorado of the University of Alcala. Read more...

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